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Sep 24 2007

Big Gains!

I diagnosed my students at the beginning of the school year….many of which could not read, some could read a little, a few were almost at grade level. each student was assigned an Reading Level and a Big Goal (1.5 years of growth by June which is equivalent to about 6 reading levels). it has…

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i have a student named Sam. Sam used to be special ed but recently was removed and placed in my gen ed classroom. Sam has anger management issues and a quick temper. over the past few months, I have gotten to know Sam and can quickly identify when he is going to flare up; i…

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Aug 15 2007


no books. no leveled texts. nada. zilch. zero. zip. feeling a little discouraged, but trying to remain hopeful, i gazed at my empty classroom, wondering how i was ever going to teach these children how to read without any books. i plopped down into one of their miniature chairs and my eyes glazed over as…

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Aug 11 2007


my kids don’t speak english. the school doesn’t provide supplies or materials. i have no paper. a handful of pencils. i diagnosed my kids. 10 of them are at a kindergarten level. several students have been severly neglected, including one little girl doesn’t know her letters or numbers. today she told me “Ms. Judson guess…

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Aug 01 2007

ready or not, here they come!

the first day of school began today….woah boy! i walked into school this morning, anxious, nervous, excited…..anticipating the unknown. How am i going to teach a classroom full of children who don’t speak English? How am i going to fit 19 students at 5 desks? “Miss Judson….please call the office.” 2 more students??! okay….how am…

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yesterday our things were stolen. two friends and i went to the windward side of the island to see the mountains and the beautiful view. we drove up the mountain after the beach and parked our car for a quick 5 minute stop to peek over the ledge and take a picture. not sooner had…

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Jul 29 2007

roaches and geckos and ants, oh my!

I am back on the island of Oahu! I will be teaching 2nd grade at Kalei’opu’u Elementary School in Waipahu. it is a large school, however severely under-resourced. Classrooms were few and far between at my school, and thus I was given the old storage room to turn into a “place of learning.” I’ve spent…

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Jul 29 2007

Houston Big Gains!

teaching 1st grade summer school in Houston was an eye-opening experience. our first graders came into the classroom at the beginning of the summer labeled as “special needs,” unable to progress to the 2nd grade….by the end of the summer, they had all based their first grade assessments and were able to move on to…

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Jul 09 2007


….or should i say, howdy. yes, still in Houston, Texas training the day away for this next big adventure! T-minus 5 days until Hawai’i….so much to accomplish before then. My first graders are making progress so far. I’m sure many of you have heard of one my little ones, Daniel…a little boy who has been…

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