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Oct 20 2008


So…..I took my kids to lunch and ran back to my classroom to get prepped for the rest of the day. Sitting behind my desk, typing away at the computer, I see something out of the corner of my eye. Assuming it was a large gecko or cockroach of some kind, I prepared myself for the worst. I continued working, planning on getting the little sucker later….that is, until the creature began hopping. What?!

I glanced over. There was a stinkin’ BIRD inside my classroom. How did a bird get into my room??

Not wanting to get some bird-related disease, but also not wanting to hurt him….i ran to the opposite side of the room and hurled a roll of paper towels at it, I didn’t want to hit him, just encourage him to leave. It freaked out and flew right into the window. There he sat. for 10 minutes. I figured he’d eventually find his way out, being so close to the door. I sat at my desk trying to find a plan of action.

I glanced over, he was gone. Phew! or so i thought. about a minute later he popped up on my overhead. what the….? more paper towels….

he dissapeared again. sure enough, 2 minutes later, popped up, this time on my piano. UGH! I looked for something a little more intimidating than paper towels. an eraser! then, a glue stick! nothing. he just sat there, now on my tv, chirpping and mocking me. Fine! have it your way! and i sat back on my desk. The bird began hopping. closer and closer. i picked up a manila folder, just in case i would neet to smack it away from my head. sure enough, the little monster dive-bombed my head! naturally, i squealed like a little girl and dove under my desk.

a minute later i decided to peek out. the little stinker was perched on my desktop computer, staring at me. i made a run for it and got outside. i wanted to call a custodian, but the bird was too close to my phone. i wasn’t about to let some stupid bird get the best of me. So, i brilliantly decided on a plan of attack….run into my classroom with arms flailing (which looked more like me running in circles, batting the air with eyes squinted!). ready….set…..go! the bird flipped out, flew around in circles for a few seconds, then bee-lined out the door.

Haha! Take that bird! Who’s the boss now? Ahahaha!
Feeling pretty proud of myself, i headed back to my desk to keep working. I sat down and put my arms on the desk….squish. Little birdie left me a little present.
Looks like he got the last laugh.

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