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Aug 04 2008

Back to school…

Ah yes….school is back in session, which means I have to start watching my back once again, continually on the lookout for centipeds, cane spiders, ant colonies living in my sink, and as of most recently, electrocution.

Back to school Day 1.

8am. Sprinklers go off outside my classroom. Poorly positioned sprinklers that shot through the windows of my classroom, soaking my students and all the contents within the room. great.

11am. Despite my thorough cleaning and critter investigation the day before, spider eggs hatch under my chair. I begin to itch and proceed to discover the cause. ew.

1pm. I have been approached at least a dozen times this week about the infamous clepto student in my classroom. i decided to give her the benefit of the doubt. but sure enough, all cell phones in my classroom had been stolen from student backpacks. they were piled up in her backpack. crap.

So far the year is off to a pretty great start! No electrocution, no jackie chan moves, not-a-one! so far so good. Spiders, sprinklers, and a clepto…..not too shabby for the first day back!

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