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Jun 21 2008

Dangers of Teaching…continued

I can’t believe the year is over already?! Holy cow!

Well, this year has been…..interesting to say the least. Disasters and adventures a’plenty! The finish line in sight, I thought I was home-free, far from the days of bugs, creatures, close-calls, and the many dangers of the classroom.

yeah right.

The last day of school. We had just completed our class play. The parents and other classes had left the room and we were taking down the set, compiling costumes, and cleaning our room. I began taking down the mass amount of xmas lights that had covered the front wall. Not thinking, i left the lights plugged in while taking them down. Little did I realize that one of the bulbs had broken and the wires were protruding from the socket. unaware, i grabbed the lights and the wires stabbed into my hand. Yes. mmhmm, thats right. Electrocuted.

I stood there shaking violently until i could rip the wire out of my hand. i dropped the lights and stood there completely dumbfounded and still shaking. while most of my students were blissfully unaware, a few turned and gaped at Ms. Judson twitching in the front of the room. i desperately tried to smile and pretend i was dancing to the duke ellington jazz record that was playing in the background, to which they proceeded to mimic my movements. soon the whole class was shaking and twitching, thinking it was a new fun dance of some sort.

i’m now adding electrocution to the Dangers of Teaching List.

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