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Oct 18 2007

oh…the irony!

so, want to hear a funny story? not so much funny as is terribly ironic…

so, my classroom doesn’t have a white board. i bought a mangled left over piece from Home Depo and leaned it up against the wall and tried my best to fasten it so it wouldn’t tip over and smush a child. i recently recieved a grant to purchase an Elmo and Projector….whoopee!! it arrived today, and out of sheer childish glee, i set it up right away on the only rusty rolling cart left available in the school. having no overhead screen, i projected the image on a large piece of paper to test it out…it worked, yessss!

after school, i sat at a table grading papers, listening to the radio and whatnot….little Kaiya had just finished cleaning her desk, gave me a hug and in her tinniest sweet voice said “goodbye ms.judson” and walked out the door. having one of those “teacher moments” i smiled and sighed…all of a sudden, CRASH! that frickin white board detached itself from the wall and crashed over smashing my brand new Elmo and Projector! nooooooo! i ran over and threw the white board off my beloved Elmo and Projector….bits and pieces strewn about. i just stood there staring in disbelief at the mangled mess. brand new for 5 minutes. destroyed.

the custodian came in and i told her what happened. she’s convinced its the “ghosts” that haunt my classroom that did it.(hawaiians are really supersticious. my room was built on a burial ground so the custodians believe its haunted and hate coming in to the room. i’m not supersticious at all, but they continue to try to “protect” my room) they’re going to plant more tea leaves around my classroom to protect it. my classroom is already surrounded by tea leaves, but they want to add more.

they blame ghosts, i’m blaming the rat-sized coachroaches and child-sized gheckos that live in the walls.

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