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Sep 24 2007

Big Gains!

I diagnosed my students at the beginning of the school year….many of which could not read, some could read a little, a few were almost at grade level. each student was assigned an Reading Level and a Big Goal (1.5 years of growth by June which is equivalent to about 6 reading levels).

it has been 6 weeks. i tested my students to track their progress.

100% of my students have made progress!! every single last one of ‘em!! boo-yah!!

not only did they ALL make gains, over half of my students have progressed within 1 level of their Big Goal!! they achieved 5 Reading Levels in 6 weeks!! i almost couldn’t believe it! we all laughed and giggled and cheered together, celebrating their progress! seriously almost peed my pants in sheer, utter joy!

all the hard work is paying off….the students are motivated to create new goals, and go beyond their initial goal and shoot for a higher one!

when the days are long, and i feel like i can barely keep my head above water….its these moments, those faces who can barely contain their excitement, those squeals of joy from twenty little 7yr olds….keeps me going.

making gains! making gains!

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