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Aug 01 2007

ready or not, here they come!

the first day of school began today….woah boy! i walked into school this morning, anxious, nervous, excited…..anticipating the unknown. How am i going to teach a classroom full of children who don’t speak English? How am i going to fit 19 students at 5 desks? “Miss Judson….please call the office.” 2 more students??! okay….how am i going to fit 21 students at 5 desks? better yet, what are they going to write with? you see, the school doesn’t provide school supplies and many of the students can’t afford their own… i’ve gotten really good at spotting old pens and pencils laying on the ground around town and putting them into my “pencil donation” box!

as the questions pooled, i looked at the clock….7:45am. they’re here already?!

we began the day by making encouragement note mailboxes and discussing rules (which i allowed them to make up!). They giggled as Elmur (my puppet) made a brief appearance and were captivated by the story of The Sword and the Stone, part of the theme of our classroom! Learning is Magic! the classroom decorated with castles and flags, crowns and jewels, dragons and kings and queens….we will slay the standards! (lame, i know…but the kids think its funny) We discussed Big Goals and what it means to work hard in order to get smart (our Big Goal translated into kid lingo was to be smarter than a 3rd grader!) they eagerly began chanting, “I want, I can, I WILL meat my BIG GOAL!!” excitedly they left that day, eager to become “smarter than a third grader…” exhausted, vocal-stricken, and a bit relieved i sat down at my desk….i took a deep breath and sighed. the questions began to swirl once again, but no sooner had my mind begun racing than something caught my eye. unaffectedly, i lifted the math book. ……cockroach.

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  1. Holly Dustin

    I’m so excited for you about this year!! I wish I could be a second-grader in your class… I imagine you’re nothing less than amazing with the kids!

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