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Jul 31 2007

we’re not in holland michigan anymore toto…..

yesterday our things were stolen. two friends and i went to the windward side of the island to see the mountains and the beautiful view. we drove up the mountain after the beach and parked our car for a quick 5 minute stop to peek over the ledge and take a picture. not sooner had we gotten out of the car than a rather beat-up blue truck had pulled up next to us. two large men got out. one stood by our car, the other began walking towards us. using our better judgement, we opted to keep walking towards the park, hoping there would be more people around rather than risk being alone or confronting the men by our car. as soon as we reached the car, the man stopped following us. we headed back to the car and sure enough the driver’s side window was smashed and all of our things were gone, money, credit cards, driver’s license, clothes, phones, the canvas bag that my third graders made me that had all their signatures on it….everything. welcome to hawaii.

we called the police and filed a report, but because crime is so heavy on the island, not much could be done. we definitely felt a variety of emotions, disapointment, violated, frustration… at the same time my heart bleeds for these men, that they would resort to such things. if they needed money, they should ask instead of taking, i would gladly have helped them out because i believe that is what we are called to do…its been a confusing weekend, everyday seems to grow with challenges, but hope remains.

and thus with $6.31 left to my name, i begin teaching tomorrow. first day of school. woah boy, here we go!

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