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Jul 29 2007

roaches and geckos and ants, oh my!

I am back on the island of Oahu! I will be teaching 2nd grade at Kalei’opu’u Elementary School in Waipahu. it is a large school, however severely under-resourced.

Classrooms were few and far between at my school, and thus I was given the old storage room to turn into a “place of learning.” I’ve spent the past few days gutting the place out, getting rid of junk and finding hidden treasures…the day was just full of surprises! Allow me to explain…

I was having a grand old time listening to some jazz, moving around desks, gazing at the mountains and ocean from my window (sigh!)….just as I was about to move another table, I picked up the world globe. Not sooner had I but barely lifted it from the table, then out poured what seemed like thousands of large bugs…they poured out the bottom, covering the table and spooling over the edges onto the floor. What did I do? i did what any girl would do, I screamed and ran out of the room! Great first impression I made on surrounding co-workers, I’m sure! Standing helpless outside my trailer/room, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! No custodians or anyone around to help me out, I grabbed the nearest broom and cleaning solution and ran through the room, attempting to get ahold of the situation. I ran in one door, screaming, squirting, and scraping into garbage bags, then ran out the other door. I repeated this process for about an hour! Gross!

After this adventure, I decided to give that area of the room a break…and moved onto another corner. I opened up the shades and out scattered a dozen geckos! (at this point, I don’t know how many more startling shocks my heart can take!) not as bad as the bugs I keep reminding myself…I mean hey, new class pet, right?! ;)

The rest of the day continued in similar fashion, little critters popping out in the most unusual places, scurrying across the floors, or even finding dead critter bones in cabinets and shelves.

Just when I thought the surprises had ended…the day was over, I closed my windows, turned off the fans and the lights, looked at my hands acknowledging how dirty they were, I walked to the sink to rinse them off. Not thinking that this room hadn’t been used in probably years, I turned on the sink and instead of water flowing from the faucet, a stream of ants poured out! All over my h ands, filling the sink. Oh boy, what a day, what a day!

Anyone know the number of a good exterminator in Hawaii?!

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