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Jul 29 2007

Houston Big Gains!

teaching 1st grade summer school in Houston was an eye-opening experience. our first graders came into the classroom at the beginning of the summer labeled as “special needs,” unable to progress to the 2nd grade….by the end of the summer, they had all based their first grade assessments and were able to move on to the 2nd grade!!! A challenging, but ultimately rewarding summer for all of us! as for little Daniel….he was tested for special ed and will be put into sped classes next year….while he does need one-on-one work so desperately, i fear what the label may due to his already diminishing self confidence.

my heart breaks as i leave these children, wondering what will happen to them in the coming years…not only academically, but also in regards to their home lives, basic needs being met, etc. this is definitely the hardest part of teaching.

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