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Jul 09 2007


….or should i say, howdy. yes, still in Houston, Texas training the day away for this next big adventure!

T-minus 5 days until Hawai’i….so much to accomplish before then.

My first graders are making progress so far. I’m sure many of you have heard of one my little ones, Daniel…a little boy who has been held back time and time again. Daniel came to school this summer, unable to read or write, completely illiterate. He had a lot of difficulty communicating as well. Much of this is due to a difficult and tragic home life for Daniel. The past few weeks have been challenging but oh so joyful. We rejoice everytime, even if it is for but a moment, when Daniel recognizes a sound or a letter! Today, Daniel read four words!! “I sat on the…” He read! Ecstatic, we giggled and laughed together as he read the same four words over and over!

These small but overwhelmingly joyful moments push us to keep going. We have felt the weight of responsibility and the pangs of love when we watch these kids leave the school, going to unknown home lives, places where they are not being encouraged and loved unconditionally… further deepening our understanding of the reasons they come to school hungry for affection and affirmation.

4 days left. so much to teach them….yet it is difficult to teach alphabetic principles when their basic needs are not being met. how can a child want to learn how to count, when all he needs is a hug or breakfast or a clean shirt or a mother who cares?

this has been pushing me to think more in depth about Jesus as a teacher… how did he do it? how did he teach and provide simultaneously?

….i have so much to learn.

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