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Oct 20 2008


So…..I took my kids to lunch and ran back to my classroom to get prepped for the rest of the day. Sitting behind my desk, typing away at the computer, I see something out of the corner of my eye. Assuming it was a large gecko or cockroach of some kind, I prepared myself for the worst. I continued working, planning on getting the little sucker later….that is, until the creature began hopping. What?!
I glanced over. There was a stinkin’ BIRD inside my classroom. How did a bird get into my room??
Not wanting to get some bird-related disease, but also not wanting to hurt him….i ran to the opposite side of the room and hurled a roll of paper towels at it, I didn’t want to hit him, just encourage him to leave. It freaked out and flew right into the window. …

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Oct 14 2008

teacher moments…

I believe in educating the whole-child…I believe that Character Education is just as important, if not MORE important, than academics. Integrity, honesty, kindness, compassion, sympathy, mercy…terms my students are familiar with. I believe in helping students develop such characteristics at a young age. Anywhoozle…today, one of my students blew me away with an act of…

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Aug 04 2008

Back to school…

Ah yes….school is back in session, which means I have to start watching my back once again, continually on the lookout for centipeds, cane spiders, ant colonies living in my sink, and as of most recently, electrocution. Back to school Day 1. 8am. Sprinklers go off outside my classroom. Poorly positioned sprinklers that shot through…

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Jul 26 2008

End of the year…

ALL of my 2nd graders reached their BIG GOALS!!! Every last one of them! Couldn’t be more proud….they worked so hard!

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Jun 21 2008

Dangers of Teaching…continued

I can’t believe the year is over already?! Holy cow! Well, this year has been…..interesting to say the least. Disasters and adventures a’plenty! The finish line in sight, I thought I was home-free, far from the days of bugs, creatures, close-calls, and the many dangers of the classroom. yeah right. The last day of school.…

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May 23 2008


As teachers, we rarely gets words of affirmation or appreciation….quite often we’re faced with phone calls, letters, concerns, questions, etc. But every so often….once in a grand while….an administrator or a parent will step in and drop a tiny shining gold glimmering word. That word….that word sticks into a teacher’s mind with the strongest of…

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May 21 2008


Sam….my little sam, my chair-throwing Sam, the sam who couldn’t read when he came to school last fall…..REACHED HIS BIG GOAL TODAY!!!!!!! He was so excited, he giggled…then I giggled. He shook with joy, his tiny fists flying through the air as danced and squirmed and twirled around the room! all that work….all that time….all…

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May 17 2008

Warm Fuzzies…

Ever since I began teaching, my goal has always been one thing….that every student leave my class every day knowing that they are loved. Last week, i was reminded of it… Mother’s Day. Sam came into school the next day and gave me a present. “Well thank you Sam, but its Mother’s Day. Teacher Appreciation…

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May 14 2008

The Finish Line.

Almost there…..4 weeks to go. 10 students have reached (and exceeded!) their BIG Goals! 10 students are one level away from their BIG Goal…..almost there! 4 weeks to go! They’re going to make it. I have no doubt! We can see the finish line…

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Oct 18 2007

oh…the irony!

so, want to hear a funny story? not so much funny as is terribly ironic… so, my classroom doesn’t have a white board. i bought a mangled left over piece from Home Depo and leaned it up against the wall and tried my best to fasten it so it wouldn’t tip over and smush a…

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